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  Our vision: let the world farmers get rich, rich and strong my country.

  Our mission: only the rich farmers, the motherland can be rich and powerful, the mind can rest.

  Our faith: service three rural, rich and strong my country.

  Our aim: high-tech products and services agriculture.

  Our management philosophy: school, militarization, family.

  Our business philosophy: practical, practical and efficient.

  Our service concept: to serve agriculture, to create value for farmers.

  Our style: serious, fast, stick to the promise.

  Our motto: Everything is possible.

  Our goal: to build China's first brand of electric sprayer.

  Our view of the market: the customer's advice and advice as the driving force for development.

  Our success rule: positive attitude, clear goals, improve efficiency, knowledge and practice, innovation. Action, action, immediate action; success, success, certain success.

  Our Code of Conduct: Listening Comprehension Do not make an excuse to consider thinking to complete the task.


"Pulandi" culture and life creed

  1, easy to understand difficult, life is not to know, expensive is to do. Know do not know is equal to do not know.

  2, the winner is to do the ordinary people know and did not do things.

  3, integrity.

  4, to create value for customers.

  5, customer-oriented, customer first.

  6, quality first.

  7, innovation and change.

  8, love, dedication. Love is the source of power, love is the root of all action, love is inclusive, is patience, is given, is dedication, is to share. Only love, will win the hearts of people, to win life, to win life, to win business. Love yourself, will be strong; love others, will be dedicated. Love business, will be wholeheartedly. Love the motherland, will throw his head, sprinkle blood.

  9, only love the cause of the cast will be eternal. Love is boundless.

  10, I was "Luo Wen" to ensure the completion of the task.

  11, life mileage, you continue to applause to others, you will get applause. Life mileage, you continue to give others flowers, you will get flowers. helping people makes a person happy.

  12, a dream will be successful. Very few people are successful, and more people are forced to succeed, is managed by the system of success.

  13, strictly love, check more trust. Check is more important than trust.

  14, inspection is the father of success. The leader is the examiner.

  15, the failure of people will always find excuses, successful people will always find a way.

  16, I am the owner of fate. "Manipulate me" - I am a designer of life.

  17, the responsibility is: do not find an excuse to ensure that the results, to pay.

  18, three major style: serious, fast, stick to the promise. Seriously is quality, fast is efficient, and better.

  19, the three major attitude: never say no, never an excuse to ensure the completion of the task.

  20, complex things simple, simple things to organize (repeat).

  21, the burden of thousands of people pick, everyone has indicators on the head.

  22, horse racing.

  23, data speak; introverted thinking; results oriented.

  24, results-oriented. Results of the hero. Only credit, no hard work. Customers will not pay for your hard work.

  25, there is no perfect individual, only the perfect team. The failed team never succeeds.

  26, the success of life is not you get a good card, but how to play bad cards.

  27, happiness comes from the inner, internal decisions external, external influences inherent, happiness is a choice, is a state of mind.

  28, Faith - Mind - Action - Results.

  29, the external world can not change, the only thing you can change is their own inner.

  30, I always want to get their own, do not want to lose their own.

  31, the mentality of the conversion: always focus on the positive, happy, happy things.

  32, do not and negative people from, do not listen to negative words.

  33, anything is not defined, just look at how you think. (Anthony Robin American potential master)

  34, setbacks = turn = turn pressure = power mentality conversion: "great, ... ...". (Find good reason)

  35, reasonable requirements are training, unreasonable requirements are honed.

  36, the characteristics of the only out.

  37, choice is more important than effort.

  38, life only two things: normal and blessing.

  39, the secret of success: beyond the customer expectations of the service, unexpected service.

  40, selling no basic salary, and high income. Selling products as selling services, service is differentiated, the service should allow customers to feel value for money. The more valuable the job is irrelevant.

  41, the whole world is to look at people, you do not have a second chance to change your first impression.

  42, the selling point is the customer can not buy the reason, selling point → buy point.

  43, do not let customers have a sense of security.

  44, do the worst plan, do the best preparation.

  45, you do not know when the threat is the most threatening time.

  46, the opportunity is prepared for the prepared person.

  47, the choice is more important than the effort, the opportunity is more important than marketing.

  48, the complaint is scarce resources, is the core customers, is platinum customers.

  49, trust is the sales force.

  50, experts can focus on a product, a business, a message. The expert can become an "expert" or "best" in a category.

  51, you can refuse to learn, your competitors will not. - Jack Welch.

  52, do not abandon, do not give up.



Zip code:050000