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Reduced quality of wheat due to disaster weather

  According to the National Bureau of Statistics recently released data show that in 2016 the national total output of 13,920 tons of summer grain, in the second highest in history, is a harvest year. At present, summer grain acquisition work has been in full swing. However, due to the recent rainfall in some of the main wheat producing areas, the grain filling stage and the harvest period were seriously affected. In some areas, the situation of incomplete grain was more prominent in this year, which had a great influence on the farmers' grain sales.

  Reporters visited found that now, in Anhui, Shandong, Henan and several other major wheat producing areas, there have been part of the lack of enthusiasm for the acquisition of grain processing enterprises, wheat prices are not high prices. So this round of heavy rain around the weather, what this year's wheat market to bring much impact? How should the farmers sell grain according to the market situation?

  Not long ago, in Henan Province, the city of loyalty grain depots, dozens of grain trucks are waiting in line for sale. This year, despite the country to continue in Henan, Hubei and other six major wheat producing areas of the implementation of the minimum wheat purchase price policy, to take a variety of ways to facilitate the farmers to sell food, but the grain depot person in charge of the mood is still not easy. He said that compared with previous years, this year's wheat is not perfect grain high, many farmers pull the food because they do not meet the standards, and was shut out.

  Zong Wanyu: this year due to weather conditions, resulting in wheat gibbere disease particles more.

  Imperfect grain exceeded this year is the main wheat producing areas generally face problems. Zhuo record information market analyst Xu Xueping said that in 2016, most of the main wheat producing areas suffered a rainstorm, wheat quality and yield were greatly affected.

  Xu Xueping: which south and south of Henan, southern Anhui is the hardest hit, including Zhoukou, Zhumadian, Fuyang, etc., buds, serious scab, 2-3 into 2020% of incomplete grains, such wheat is difficult to meet the requirements of milling Can only flow to the feed business. Shandong, Hebei also appeared to be affected, mainly in some areas of rain, resulting in decreased quality of wheat color. Affected by the rain, the wheat bulk density decreased, the new wheat bulk density in the 760-770g / l, second-class wheat accounted for the mainstream, while the bulk density in the last year 780-800g / l, this year than last year, the quality of significant decline. Weight loss, imperfect grain increased, resulting in the phenomenon of production in many areas, Henan, Shandong and other areas cut 10-20%, the individual hard-hit areas are also higher.

  Wheat quality is bound to affect the quality of grain processing enterprises to buy the initiative and the state can not be successfully deposited into the library, in Xu Xueping view, the phenomenon of farmers to sell grain again.

  Xu Xueping: First of all, a direct result of a large number of wheat can not meet the national acquisition standards and failed to storage. The effect of the implementation of the state is affected. As of July 5, the main producing areas of various types of grain enterprises total acquisition of 25.53 million tons of wheat, down 6.02 million tons, down 20%. Other acquisitions of the main grain business, flour business mentality is not optimistic about the acquisition, farmers selling grain problems again.

  Grain storage quality requirements of the State Reserve, most of the affected areas of wheat can not enter the national grain storage. A farm market analyst Wang Yao said that traders and processing enterprises in the temporary storage city after the failure, most of the wait and see state, eventually leading to wheat prices bearish situation.

  Wang Yao: the current price of wheat around the opening price of 1.05-1.10 yuan / kg, lower than last year 0.05 yuan / kg, and the price of long-term low hovering, farmers' grain income is also affected.

  In view of the shortage of wheat in some areas this year, the National Grain Bureau recently issued an emergency notice on the implementation of the summer grain harvest in the affected areas. At present, Jiangsu, Hubei, Anhui, Shandong, Henan and Jiangsu 6 A wheat main producing areas, have all started wheat minimum purchase price policy, the minimum purchase price of wheat this year, 1.18 yuan per catty, much higher than the market price. As the implementation of the implementation of the main city of the implementation of the policy, the grain storage in full play the role of the main force of the acquisition, so a field market analyst Wang Yao is expected, with the acquisition of the city, wheat prices will rebound.

  Wang Yao: the recent purchase of quality requirements with the release of the provisions of the late wheat into the temporary storage of the number will increase, and the current non-compliance wheat in the field of alternative corn substitution cost, so the late feeding enterprises will increase Large purchases, the overall wheat prices in the near future will gradually rebound after the bottom.

  Looking ahead in the second half, flour processing will enter the season, wheat supply and demand will be lean from balance to tight. Zhuo record market information analyst Xu Xueping is expected, especially in the late August to September, wheat prices will accelerate the rise.

  Xu Xueping: mainly flour into the season, manufacturers operating rate increased, increased demand for wheat, grain depots, flour manufacturers to achieve the phenomenon between the peak. After the National Day, the wheat will appear in the stage down, the country will soon announce the lowest protection price in 2017, which has a great impact on the market, which is the next one year wheat trend vane, if the market expected to cut, the wheat market may turn again weak. At the end of the wheat market range, the possibility of shock.

  Faced with the current progress of the slow acquisition of wheat, farmers selling grain and other difficulties, Xu Xueping also gave his advice:

  Xu Xueping: on the one hand the proposed farmers to delay the delay in the timely delivery of grain to 8-9 months or the end of the year, to avoid the current focus on the phenomenon of low prices listed. In addition, the quality of the region between the uneven, severe disaster in Henan, Anhui, the relative lack of high quality wheat, some farmers in the north can be selective to these areas across the region for sale.



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