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"80 after" the number of monthly salary is considered the

  People often refer to the 1980-1989 generation as "80", as a single generation with Chinese characteristics, they have been labeled a variety of "labels." Now, is the work, marriage, childbearing age "80" What are the situation?

  According to "Labor News" reported that the Fudan University Social Science Data Research Center released the first round of the Yangtze River Delta region social change survey results.

  It is worth mentioning that the results of the research publishers are also four 80 after the new generation of scholars, from education, employment, marriage, fertility and other aspects of the full range of 80 generations of the real world. 80 after the eyes of the 80, is "high quality", "traditional and romantic generation."


  The higher the level of education, the stronger the sense of happiness

  Data show that the respondents, nearly 2/3 received higher education, which the higher the level of education, the higher the happiness. At the same time, the gender differences in the level of education between men and women were not significant.

  In the score of 4 points of happiness evaluation, graduate students rated 3.42 points, 3.34 points for undergraduates, specialist for the 3.3 points, followed by decreasing. In addition, the survey also shows that the higher the level of education, self-health evaluation is also higher, the higher the trust of strangers.


  Four adults did not change jobs

  80 has been labeled after the lack of responsibility for the label, however, the survey data show that 80 after the work is actually very "loyalty." More than 40% of the respondents never changed the work, replaced 1-2 workers nearly three percent, the overall stability of the employment situation. Fudan Institute of Social Sciences Associate Professor Hu Zhan that 80 on the one hand bear the opportunity to buy a house to buy a car to feed their families, while all the pressure to let them gradually mature, unique personality and charm.

  The average annual income of 60,000 yuan

  In terms of income, the average annual income of respondents reached 60,000 yuan, the median of 50,000 yuan, into the top 10% of the threshold of 120,000 yuan, into the former 1% to 300,000 yuan. Hu Zhan said that 80 after the employment situation is "to make money by reading, the person to take advantage of as early as possible." The income level of the respondents increased obviously with the increase of the educational level, among which the proportion of high-income groups in undergraduates and postgraduates was 43% and 78% respectively.

  However, the survey shows that the level of education of senior managers is almost entirely distributed in high schools and universities (specialist and undergraduate), and senior management of graduate students in this survey is extremely rare.

  Hu Zhan analysis, it may be because there are masters, doctoral degree of 80 after most of the graduation into the workplace, and most of the large enterprises and institutions, it is difficult to become a senior manager in a short time; and high school or university education 80 After the respondents have been working for many years, in terms of position promotion has a seniority.

  The higher the educational level of the parents, the higher the income of the children

  The survey shows that the level of parental education and children's income level is also significantly related to the level of parental education for the University and above, the proportion of high income reached half. Among them, the level of parental education is more relevant. Hu Zhan said with a smile, for the next generation, boys may wish to find higher than their high school girls married


  Super four into 80 before marriage cohabitation

  Survey shows that 43% of married 80 married before marriage, of which nearly Qi Cheng people fall in love within a year began to live together. However, in Chen Binbin view, this group of data does not mean that 80 generations of sexual openness, the survey also shows that 60% of the cohabitants have been engaged, and another 34.5% of people have a clear marriage plan.

  For this part of the people, cohabitation is more of a rational trial marriage behavior. Survey data also gives strong support, the longer the premarital cohabitation, marriage satisfaction is also higher. Among them, more than a year and a half of the premarital cohabitation, mate satisfaction with the marriage of nearly 4.6 points (out of 5 points).

  Spouse conditions: living habits, character, IQ

  And on the hot "naked marriage", only 5% said it was entirely possible. "80 after choosing even" survey, whether male or female, the object of the three most concerned about the conditions are: habits, personality, IQ. Which also broke some of the traditional thinking: women worship gold, male heavy appearance. Of course, compared to male respondents, women pay more attention to the subject to do housework, good habits, high IQ and personality.

  "Female junior holding gold brick" into reality

  The survey shows that both sides of the level of education, both parents account and other basic "perfect match." Qicheng married people between the age of three years old age. However, the interesting thing is, "female junior, holding gold brick" argument may have become a reality, "Uncle love Lolita" may not fly. Men are three or four years older than women, the highest degree of satisfaction with their partners. Men are 7 years older than females and have the least satisfaction with their partners.

  30 years old into a "break point"

  30 years old, a female marriage and marriage as a threshold. Data show that women in the 30-year-old set off to marry, grab the tide. 29-year-old married women were 64.2%, to 30 years old, the proportion soared to 75.9%. Similarly, the proportion of fertility from the 29-year-old 51.6% soared to 65.8%. For men, this turning point appears at the age of 31, a year later than women.

  An interesting phenomenon is that undergraduate and above qualifications of women, before the age of 30, the proportion of education was significantly lower than did not receive university education of the same age women. Once the completion of their studies, stable work, many of them will quickly integrate into the tide of fertility, in the proportion of fertility to catch up with the same age women. But the proportion of highly educated men in all age groups were significantly lower than those who did not receive undergraduate education. Fudan College of Social Sciences teacher Shen can be analyzed, which is relatively short age of female gold age, and men worried about the reproductive crisis is not so strong.

  Highly educated who prefer two children

  "Two children" policy after landing, in the fertility of the golden age of 80 after the parents' willingness to produce is not strong. 40% think only a good one, 56% think two children the best. The average fertility will be only 1.59, much lower than the level of the United States, Japan. However, and the traditional concept is different, highly educated population of two children will be higher. Only two-thirds of the respondents with undergraduate and higher education considered that the two children were the best, and that proportion was significantly higher than that of other education groups. Shen can be analyzed, highly educated in the economic capacity to support fertility two children.

  There is no strong hope of Jackie Chan, hope female Cheng Feng look forward to

  Compared to the previous generation, after 80 parents did not look forward to Jackie Chan, hope female Cheng Feng look forward to. More than three-quarters of people think that it is more important to cultivate children's honesty, courtesy, filial piety, and responsibility. Especially the highly educated parents, for the children's business and the degree of attention to the degree of compliance was significantly lower than the low education parents. They want to give their children more relaxed, free growth space.



Zip code:050000