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2016 is the agricultural industry reshuffle years hold on!

  Say 2016 agricultural business more and more difficult to do, in fact, customer requirements are getting higher and higher, the product quality requirements are high, 2016 is the agricultural industry shuffle year, no matter how difficult, farmers please hold The

  Say 2016 agricultural business more and more difficult to do, in fact, more and more customer requirements, product quality requirements, and high after-sales service requirements, regardless of product cheap, only really useful, only you Of the market, which is no longer just selling the product of the times!

  Large manufacturers of the market is growing, new product launch speed is also fast, good momentum of development, small manufacturers of the market is getting smaller, most of them are old products, survival more and more difficult. Selling less and less products, selling more and more products more and more agricultural business flow to the hands of a few people!

  This is a strength and effect of the times to speak, fake and shoddy exposure speed, and flicker group more and more difficult to mix, before the flower in the fancy promotional means no matter, even if you promote the village, presented a variety of gifts , Farmers are no longer rush to buy, and suddenly become rational consumption!

  The previous sales model is the manufacturers --- dealers --- retailers --- farmers, because the impact of electricity, sales model has become a manufacturer --- retailers --- farmers, or manufacturers --- large, The factory's ex-factory price has become low, the retailer's profit has become low, as if not make money!

  This year, no matter how diligent, has never been able to break in sales, and even the basic tasks are not finished, there is no sales without commission, no commission is a waste of time, but also tired of the very tired, so part of the failure Farmers, choose to quit, away from this industry!

  Dry farming methods, there have been changes, more people from the passive to take the initiative, more people from the store to the field, more people from the credit into cash, more people by selling products change Become a selling service, those who do not change the farmers, become a group of people living difficulties!

  This year is a very competitive year, there is no characteristic product, no competitive small manufacturers, no idea of ​​the dealer, no technology retailer, no advantage of the farmers, no crisis awareness of the enterprise, really Of the mixed do not go, destined to be eliminated a large number of!

  2016 is the scouring year of the agricultural industry,

  No matter how difficult it is,

  Farmers please hold it!



Zip code:050000