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Pulandi electric fog machine (blowing bucket) 18L

  Company production:

  1, the company has six injection molding machine, two blow molding machine, dozens of mold, the company made its own electric sprayer and all electric sprayer plastic accessories.

  2, the company has sixteen pump production lines, Nissan 8000 micro-pumps, the supply of other electric sprayer plant.

  Business advantage:

  Hong Kong Pulandi International Holdings Group technical support, joint research and development of electric sprayer

  Chinese electric sprayer inventor

  China automatic speed control diaphragm pump inventor

  China's first through the "3 C certification" professional electric sprayer business

  China's first at the same time have a "national patent", "3 C certification", "agricultural extension card" professional point of the electric sprayer business

  China's earliest to enjoy the national agricultural subsidies for electric sprayer business

  China's electric sprayer industry standards involved in the drafting of enterprises

  Electric fog machine is electric sprayer and gasoline fog machine replacement products

  The company's own production of electric fog machine, electric sprayer dedicated pump, has reached a decade

  The company has six own injection molding machine, two blow molding machines, fog machine, electric sprayer barrel all self-made

  Electric fog and electric sprayer compared to the characteristics:

  1. Redesign and manufacture new pumps. Compared with the electric sprayer: pressure 1/3, the speed of 1/3, fog fine 1/3, the effect of high 1/3, fog group 3 meters long range.

  2. save time, effort, high efficacy.

  3. Charge 1 dime, fight medicine for one day.

  4. Hand-held switch, large drug more convenient.

  Optional power switch installed in the handle parts, the operation more convenient.

  5. Can choose fast file, large seedlings choose slow, seedlings when selected slow file.

  6. Electric fog machine use a wide range. Applicable to wheat, corn, cotton, rice, fruit trees, greenhouse, grapes, tea, flowers, gardening and other crops.

  7. This year free warranty, life-long maintenance.

  8. Five series of nineteen products, the price of high school low to complete, to meet the consumer groups do not pass.

  Electric fog machine product model and parameters:



Zip code:050000