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Pulandi electric fog machine (bucket) yellow

  1, battery: 12V 9AH fully enclosed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

  2, the pump: intelligent automatic pressure diaphragm pump

  3, the charger: 12V 1.0A intelligent three-stage charger

  4, barrel body: the new polyethylene material

  5, spray bar: the new glass steel telescopic rod

  6, nozzle: the new four-hole nozzle, single nozzle, double nozzle

  7, electrical switch: with waterproof cap, silver contacts of the electrical switch

  8, the battery capacity display: with a voltage indicator

  9, hose: pressure 4-6Kg of the new rubber hose

  10, the machine net weight (kg): 6kg

  11, spray width: 4-5 meters

  12, medicine box volume (L): 16

  13, voltage: 12V

  14, flow: 1.8-2.8L / min

  15, power: 25W

  16, working pressure: 4-5Kg

  17, backpack barrel body size: 380X180X530mm

  18, a charge continuous working time: 6 hours or more

  Electric fog machine product model and parameters:



Zip code:050000